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Brass Band Association
Yorkshire & Humberside
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Delegates Meetings 2014-5

These are the basic decision-making body of the Association consisting of a delegate from each member band. Please make an effort to ensure that your band is represented.

All meetings take place at Walton Village Hall, School Lane, Walton, near Wetherby, LS23 7DW at 2.p.m

AGM (Starts at 1.30 p.m.)

28th March 2015.

The Yorkshire & Humberside Brass Band Association is an organisation devoted to the promotion of Brass Bands and Brass Band Music throughout Yorkshire and the Humberside Region of England.

It is a Member of the British Federation of Brass Bands, the National Federation of Music Societies (Making Music) and of Welcome Yorkshire

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2014-5 Subscriptions

Subscriptions are payable by 30th June 2014.  Please download a Subscription form here.

YHBBA subscriptions are unchanged since 2004 and represent remarkable value, so do please continue to give support to your local Association!

Alan Martin

It is with great sadness that we heard of the death of Alan Martin. After suffering illness over the summer, Alan passed away peacefully during the early hours of Thursday the 16th October.  

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Hardraw Scar 2015

Stuart Warriner writes:

Dear Friends

It is time that you are no doubt all thinking of Hardraw Scar 2015!

We are all looking forward to a great contest once more and hope to welcome you back to compete again. This year we have changed the entry procedure slightly to a two stage affair where we will draw for places. We are delighted the contest is so popular but because of this the process of gaining a place was becoming very stressful for everyone with the final competing bands being determined by the efficiency of the local postie! It was great if you got your place but there were increasing numbers of unhappy people each year too. The attached details the process – basically get your entries to me by post or e-mail by the 16th of March and if there are too many entries for the spots then we will draw the entries out of a hat – a little less certain I realise, but fair for everyone – the precise workings of this and the entry form are detailed in the attached.

I hope the fact that you can do this initial stage by e-mail also helps keep everything nice and simple.

If you have any queries please just let me know. I can be pretty difficult to track down by phone but if you bob me an e-mail I will call /email you back as soon as I can.

Best regards